Custom Pedal Cars For Kids

We specialize in Custom Pedal Cars and custom built Hot Rod strollers, pedal cars, and wagons. Everything is done by hand right here. With over 20 years experience with custom paint and fabrication, we can build your child’s first Hot Rod right. Something happens when you’re out for a cruise with your most precious new […]

awesome stand alone bathtubs

Stand alone bathtubs is one that is not supported on two sides on a wall. It’s one of those old bathtubs that can almost completely surround, especially if taps come directly from ground and not a wall. They are an attractive way very luxurious and in my opinion, are not always used correctly. Place stand […]

ideas solid surface bathtub

Solid surface bathtub -Many homes have shower and tub combinations within their bathrooms. To prevent water damage to adjacent plaster and other building materials, this combination requires a protective material built against all the walls that enclose the swimming area. Many materials are available for construction of an aesthetically pleasing surround, including solid-surface options.  Solid […]

bear claw bathtub color

If you are remodeling your bathroom with a vintage look, bear claw bathtub is a perfect accessory for decoration. Contrary to popular belief, claw foot tubs come in a variety of styles such as high-backed bathtubs shoe designed for lumbar support; dual claw foot tubs with two rounded sides to give a choice of positions […]

Amusing Compact Bathtub

Compact bathtub – The installation of a hot tub in the basement offers the opportunity to relax in the privacy of your home without having to worry about the weather or neighbors. Before beginning the project of placing a jacuzzi unit in a hole in your basement, check with your city planner to see if […]

Awesome Bathtub Pillow

Bathtub pillow – Soak in the tub is an enjoyable activity that encourages quiet relaxation full. By getting away from the world for a few moments in the serenity of a warm bubble bath that soothes all the senses, which are able to reflect on the day and renew your mind, body and soul. Improve […]

Bathtub Transfer Bench best

Aluminum chair two inside and two outside legs are placed, so we have a chair in the bath and one outside. The transfer in and out of the tub is thus more comfortable and safer. Plastic bank has drainage holes. With –Bathtub Transfer Bench The handhold, armrest, placed on the inside of the bank offers […]

Bathtub Book Holder brown

Along with the food, another of the pleasures of life is given a bath in a bathtub full of water and foam. A moment of relaxation in a sea of ​​scented bubbles. But many are not satisfied only with this, as they have other interests ahead, as in the case of reading. Both things cannot […]

Corner Huge Bathtubs

To decorate bathrooms with huge bathtubs, there are many practical and decorative solutions for small bathrooms that will allow us, even without space to enjoy a huge bathtub. The first thing you have to do is free up space in the room. Only we confine ourselves to the basic furniture and sanitary. We must also […]

Antique bathtub grab bars

Installing a bathtub grab bars will create a safer environment, providing greater security against slipping when you walk inside, outside or inside of the shower. An early consideration is how to assemble the bar, which depends on its purpose. Fitting a vertical bar at the edge of bathtub is best suited to help get in […]

Black old fashioned bathtub

Old fashioned bathtub trends are often cast iron bodies covered with a layer of porcelain. Iron is virtually indestructible, but wears porcelain, fade and become dull over time. From the new batch of porcelain on the surface of the tub is not a practical solution, refinishing a porcelain tub usually means paint, but it must […]