Custom Pedal Cars For Kids

We specialize in Custom Pedal Cars and custom built Hot Rod strollers, pedal cars, and wagons. Everything is done by hand right here. With over 20 years experience with custom paint and fabrication, we can build your child’s first Hot Rod right. Something happens when you’re out for a cruise with your most precious new […]

Best footed bathtub

Having to buy a new bathtub for our bathroom we’ve encountered this dilemma, if you can call it that, not knowing whether to choose a footed bathtub or without legs. To make it more clear what we’re talking let us let you know that we call “legs” to the feet that support the tub while […]

Awesome Heated Bathtub

Heated bathtub – Hot tubs are a great luxury to have in your home. They are relaxing and offer a number of therapeutic benefits such as muscle relief and increased blood circulation. However, hot tubs need more attention than regular baths, and there are many important factors to consider no matter if you own or […]

Stand Up All The Best Bathtub big

Today I will talk about the differences between –Stand Up All The Best Bathtub the shower and the tub, but go a bit further trying to find the most suitable both for specific situations and circumstances. Here are some definitions according to Shower: Water in the form of rain or jet, is dropped into the […]

Elegant Short Bathtubs

Short bathtubs – Make your bathroom look like it had appeared on “Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous” or “Kribs” concrete molding a bathtub. Concrete bathtubs are installed in many homes of millions of dollars worldwide. The concrete tubs add a simple and your existential bathroom tap. In Japan, people use wood and concrete tubs […]

Awesome Rectangular Bathtub

Rectangular bathtub – The average tub is designed to accommodate a person of average size with enough space to comfortably rest. The ability of a bath is calculated as if no one was inside, so the actual amount of water that may contain a tub with a person is less than the figures given. Knowing […]

Acrylic Freestanding Bathtubs

Freestanding bathtubs – Apart from the classic traditional hot baths, freestanding bath is gaining importance in recent years as the bathroom evolves into a space of comfort and relaxation. The traditional bathtub is usually placed at a corner of the bathroom, while the freestanding tub can be placed wherever desired. Freedom to design a pipe […]

Amazing Bathtub Liners

Bathtub liners are custom sheets, molding material used to cover the existing surface of a bathtub. Often it constructed from acrylic, plastic or vinyl chloride (PVC), which are glued to the surface of the tub after proper positioning, bathtub liners may be too expensive for some people. However, they are cheaper than replacing a full […]

Refinish deep bathtubs

Deep bathtubs refinishing is a way to make any old tub look new again. Consider your options and decide whether or not bathtub refinishing is right for you. The first step in refinishing is any surface cleaning and sanding. You must apply a bonding agent and primer before the paint adheres to a surface of […]

Best Overflow Bathtub

When a new sewer overflow bathtub water set, which includes the drain pipe that connects the adapter to the sewer inlet of the main tub, is installed, you must also install a new adapter. Home improvement or plumbing supply stores sell full bath overflow and drain assemblies, including the overflow drain cover and adapter. When […]

Bathtub to Shower Conversion Design

Bathtub to shower conversion remodeling can be expensive and time consuming. Changing a bathtub into a shower is difficult and requires labor and time-consuming efforts. If, however, you want to try this remodeling as a DIY job, you can always achieve as you have some basic carpentry and plumbing experience. Convert a bathtub to shower […]